Prayer Wall

Epiphany Station's Prayer Wall is a communal place for posting prayer requests.  All are welcome.  You do not need to be an attendee of Epiphany Station, just someone who desires the prayer and spiritual support of others.


I can get a handicap ramp so I can move into my sisters trailer.


I just put a request on this prayer wall. I forgot to mention that my email is having problems right now and cannot view messages sent to me. Just wanted to let people know.


I'm a new resident at the Northern Lights group home located at 921 Atlantic Ave. I have COPD disease which makes doing virtually anything difficult. Doctors have not been able to help. The disease is progressive. At this point all I like to do is rest and try to breath. Also I have chronic acute sinusitis which compounds the COPD. Depression is to the point to where I ask God daily to either heal me or allow my life to simply end and take me home to be with Him, and do it soon. I'd like to meet someone from your church. I need a visitor like one of you people to help pick me up at least for a short time, partly because my family has abandoned me.


Please pray for my father who was admitted to the hospital last night. He has double pneumonia. He is in Wisconsin.


For my ADD child who is struggling with distance learning

Request a prayer

If you want to request a prayer, please let us know below.  You only need to enter the information that you are comfortable providing.